Petal KK Marketing Architects


Really Using... The practical “Really Using…” series of skill training seminars include “Really Using Marketing”, which explains why and how to do marketing and branding, “RUResearch”, guiding the cost effective use of Marketing Research, RUTraining” which sharpens the whole training effort,  and “RUEnglish”, turning the English you know, into the English you need.


Together with Robert Rÿker, we have specific programmes built to Help Orchestras Bloom. 

Our special events include Leading from the Rostrum, a leadership seminar with Maestro Rÿker, and Oh Yes You Can Draw!, a five day workshop with Kristin Newton.

The English Garden, where young learners enjoy English and music to unlock the world around them), is blooming, with sales ramping up here and in the USA

The Top Line

 Roger spent his career in Unilever building and maintaining brands. He took early retirement to build Petal KK, which specialises in strategic guidance and mentoring. Now he wants more contentment in his life. So, no more pointless meetings, no more horrible clients, just fascinating projects with stimulating clients. 

Petal KK helps businesses and brands bloom by developing a marketing based corporate strategy, and making it work.

Since 1995, Petal has identified and extracted the basics which any enterprise must get right. We call them the “rocks” of business. Their structure is generic, but they need to be calibrated precisely to fit any particular business. Petal helps to find your specific “rocks”, and to deliver a plan which weaves existing wisdom, knowledge and experience with a robust marketing philosophy and a purposeful, engaged team into the fabric of success.

Petal does three things: 

i) Helping Brands Bloom: our core business: consulting and mentoring on corporate strategy, and guiding marketing activity.  

ii) CampFire: Get Fresh Eyes and Fresh Ears; and weave threads from your corporate wisdom, knowledge and experience, and from the “rocks” of business success, into a robust business fabric.

iii) Practical application
mentoring top people
training (like the “Really Using…” series),
highly motivating events (like "Leading from the Rostrum" or "Oh Yes You Can Draw");
introduction and induction seminars,
build or train a marketing function,
and application of our skill set to specific industries